The 2013 Festival has been cancelled due to low registration.

We are grateful for your continued support of our mission, and we hope in the next few months to carefully examine what we offer in order to produce a more successful effort.

Thank you for the many wonderful responses to this year's program - we look forward to further conversations and fellowship in the future!

The Festival of Liturgical Arts of the Western Reserve (FLAWR) is a synthesis of worship, workshops, discussions and masterclasses for musicians and clergy devoted to the continual development of their craft.  FLAWR was created to bring together preachers, teachers, musicians, artists to share their unique gifts in the creation of liturgies that reflect the beauty and splendor of God.

Worship at FLAWR will feature a wide variety of liturgical expressions feature well-crafted liturgies and music accessible and feasible for smaller congregations with more limited resources.  Workshops, lectures, and masterclasses are offered to provide small group sessions focused on specific topics. Panel discussions are designed to allow Festival participants an opportunity for open, honest discussion on liturgical issues.

Explore our website to learn what we have to offer. 
We look forward to welcoming you at our next festival!